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Venue Registration Form

Participation information for Charleston Cocktail Week, April 24-30th, 2023:

  1. Create a signature cocktail for your venue to showcase during the festival. We encourage you to create a unique cocktail for the festival, one that is not traditionally on your menu. 
  2. Price the signature cocktail for $7-$10 (discount of more than $4 to $5 off regular price) during the festival and if able 1 to 2 more cocktails. If you’d like, you can also designate a signature cocktail and small entrée/appetizer pairing for a fixed price (more information on the registration form).
  3. Promote cocktail week on social media or on your website with a link to purchase tickets.
  4. Send pictures of the signature cocktail and small entrée’/appetizer pairing with a cocktail, and picture of your venue to with the title of Cocktail Pictures.
  5. Fill out the form below to complete your registration form.